Joshua 11-13

Joshua 11:2
and to the kings who were from the north, in the mountains, in the plain south of Chinneroth, in the lowland, and in the heights of Dor on the west,

Chinneroth is a reference to what we more commonly know as the Sea of Galilee. As you read through the Scrptures, be mindful that this sea which is the focus of much of Jesus’s ministry is also referred to as, ‘Chinnereth’, ‘Lake of Gennesaret’, and the ‘Sea of Tibereius’.

Joshua 11:10
Joshua turned back at that time and took Hazor, and struck its king with the sword; for Hazor was formerly the head of all those kingdoms.

Imagine what it must have been like to have defeated Hazor, the one who was at one time the head of all of these kingdoms. There is nothing stronger or more powerful that our God. If there is defeat taking place, it is only because the Lord is allowing it and there is a whole lot more going on behind the scenes. I am so glad He is on our side!

Joshua 12:7
7 And these are the kings of the country which Joshua and the children of Israel conquered on this side of the Jordan, on the west, from Baal Gad in the Valley of Lebanon as far as Mount Halak and the ascent to Seir, which Joshua gave to the tribes of Israel as a possession according to their divisions,

As you read through these kings whom Joshua defeated, keep in mind that it is God who did it, just as He said He would. It is the same God who promises to care for us. This should be s source of great comfort to us.

Joshua 13:13
Nevertheless the children of Israel did not drive out the Geshurites or the Maachathites, but the Geshurites and the Maachathites dwell among the Israelites until this day.

We don’t really know why Israel did not drive out these peoples, but It is interesting that they ended up causing problems for Israel. King David married a princess from Geshur who bore him his son Absalom. Absalom was a vain and arrogant son who tried to take the kingship from his father by force. Think about the things in our lives that have caused up problems because we don’t wipe them our completely.

Joshua 13:22
The children of Israel also killed with the sword Balaam the son of Beor, the soothsayer, among those who were killed by them.

Remember Balaam from Numbers 22-24. Here is where he finally meets his doom.


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