Exodus 9-11

Exodus 9:30
30 But as for you and your servants, I know that you will not yet fear the Lord God.”

It is remarkable how hard the human heart can be towards God. Is speaks of the depravity, sinfulness and pridefulness of man. How thankful I am that god in His mercy brought me to the end of myself and I surrendered to Him. I never want to go back! I am so thankful that He never gave up on me.

Exodus 10:17
17 Now therefore, please forgive my sin only this once, and entreat the Lord your God, that He may take away from me this death only.”

The problem with Pharaoh, is that God never became his God. People will often ask us to pray for them because the bottom line is they don’t want to fully surrender to the Lord themselves. They see our relationship with the Lord and may even be envious of it, yet they refuse to cry out to Him. If they only knew how willing and eager God is to respond to their cry.

Exodus 10:23
23 They did not see one another; nor did anyone rise from his place for three days. But all the children of Israel had light in their dwellings.

I praise God that I have the light of Jesus in my life. We live in a very dark world, that seems to get darker and darker with every day. Jesus is the light of the world, the One who shines in the darkness, no matter how dark it may get. Nothing, absolutely nothing can snuff out the light of Christ!

Exodus 11:1
1 And the Lord said to Moses, “I will bring one more plague on Pharaoh and on Egypt. Afterward he will let you go from here. When he lets you go, he will surely drive you out of here altogether.

It is possible to push the Lord to the point where unimaginable heartache is the end result. This is the case with Pharaoh. God had given him apple opportunity to surrender to His will, but his refusal forced the Lord’s hand, so to speak. Oh that people would understand, that there is so much greater at stake than physical death…an eternal spiritual death.


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